Twellium Products


Twellium Industries is proud to present you with our range of top class beverages. Our drinks have soon become the favourite household drink of many after we introduced them to the Ghanaian market. With our world renowned brands like Verna Water, American Cola, Rush Energy Drink, Planet range of drinks, and Bubble Up, we never seize to amaze at parties, get-togethers, conferences, sport activities or during a night out with your friends. We don't compromise on quality with our products and constantly seek to give our consumers the best experience ever!

    Verna Natural Mineral Water

    • Verna Natural Mineral Water is sourced from protected underground and exceptionally treated with patented ITALIAN HIGH-TECH PURIFICATION SYSTEMS. Indeed the process right from extraction to packaging to distribution is outstanding.

  • Planet

    • Packaging: 12 Pack Carton
      Retail Units: 350ml

    • Flavors: Orange, Apple,
      Grenadine, Pineapple, Cocktail

  • Bubble Up

  • Easy®

    • Packaging: 12 Pack Carton
      Retail Units: 300ml, 350ml

    • Flavors: Coconut, Tonic Water
      Ginger, Cocktail

  • X-Charge Energy