Certifications & Standards

Twellium Industries does not compromise on the quality of its products and the safety of our workers. We are properly certified by the Ghana Standards Authority and have passed all tests to receive approval from the Food and Drugs Authority in Ghana.

Our Source

We at Twellium Industries use only the best sources for our products. For our Verna Water, we extract natural rain water accumulated underground in the unpolluted areas of Medie, Nsawam. This is done by using our premium technology from Europe to extract the water from 18 established boreholes. With tried and tested methods, quality packaging, and excellent work ethics, you can be rest assured that only the safest water is produced.


Our products are a range of top notch beverages that continuously exceed the expectations of our consumers. Twellium products are the front runner at social gatherings such as weddings, engagements, funerals, and birthday parties. An event is not compete without Verna, Planet, American Cola, Bubble Up and Rush Energy drink to spice things up. Most products come in the famous 350ml bottle, and others in the 1.5L bottle. This flexibility and superior product promises has suppliers, and wholesalers rushing for our products all the time.